2022 NASCAR Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

2022 NASCAR Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

2022 NASCAR Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

The green flag is scheduled for the NASCAR Goodyear 400 at 3:30 p.m. EST in South Carolina. Darlington Raceway is home to the Goodyear 400 on Sunday afternoon.

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This is not an easy track for drivers, with a strong hand needed to win. TheSportsGeek has our best Goodyear 400 Super Six picks for the 12th race on the Cup Series schedule.

Having the fastest car isn’t the most important thing at Darlington. Of course, a good car is part of the equation, but driver talent wins out in South Carolina at Darlington Raceway.

The Fox Bet Super Six is a prop contest with six questions. The user that guesses all six questions correctly wins the pool. The prize is divided up between multiple winners. For the best Online NASCAR betting websites.

The Super Six for the 2022 Goodyear 400 has a pool of $5,000 in winnings available. It’s certainly not the biggest, as the smaller races tend to have smaller prizes. In any event, this is a free contest, so there is nothing to lose by playing our 2022 Goodyear 400 Super Six picks.

Head below for our best 2022 Goodyear 400 Super Six picks for May 8, 2022.

1. Where will the pole-sitter finish at the end of Stage 2?

Joey Logano won the pole for the Goodyear 400 at Darlington. Our first 2022 Goodyear 400 Super Six picks have to do with where Logano is going to finish at the end of Stage 2. His finishing position at the end of the race is not important for the purposes of question 1.

Logano is ninth in the Cup Series standings and has been fairly reliable. He’s finished in the top-5 in three races and usually isn’t that far back. Logano has finished 8th, 13th, 3rd, 6th in his previous four races here.

He finished 8th in his last start at Darlington in September. Logano was 7th at the end of Stage 2 after qualifying 11th and 12th in his previous two outings in the Goodyear 400. You are getting two chances with D between 5th and 6th.

5th or 6th by the end of Stage 2 looks about right for Logano.

Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

2. How many cautions will there be by the end of Stage 2?

This is a driver’s track that rewards good drivers. Most accidents get caught in a wreck because of a mishap. Scraping the wall because of an error is not uncommon at Darlington.

For a 400-mile race, there is typically an average of 8 cautions per race. This is about what you can expect from a Darlington race as well.

From this list, the most likely answer has to be 4 or 5 for our second pick for the Goodyear 400 Darlington Super Six. Let’s go with C and five cautions at the end of Stage 2.

Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

3. Which of these drivers will have the most laps led by the end of Stage 2?

I’m all about Kyle Larson and Denny Hamlin in the Goodyear 400 at Darlington on Sunday. Larson is always threatening at Darlington, while Hamlin has the wins on his resume.

Hamlin is the last winner at Darlington after winning the 2021 race in September. He’s finished 1st and 5th in his last two trips to Darlington.

Also, note that Hamlin has won three outings in this race since 2017. My only concern with Hamlin is that he qualified 22nd.

However, Ryan Blaney won the pole last year and ended up 22nd. Three years back, Blaney qualified 7th and finished 24th, so I don’t know if he’s the best answer despite qualifying 7th this year.

When the green flag drops, the best drivers at Darlington will move to the front, and that list likely includes Hamlin. That said, Martin Truex Jr. qualified 4th and has won here just two races back.

Hamlin may end up better than Truex Jr. after 400 miles, but Truex Jr. to have led the most laps at the end of Stage 2 looks more realistic. Truex Jr. is 4th, 1st at Darlington in his last two trips. He’s top-10 at Darlington in four of his previous five attempts.

Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

4. Which manufacturer will have more cars in the top-10 of Stage 2 and how many will they have?

This is a unique Super Six question that I’ve never seen before. It’s an attempt to avoid so many people sharing the pool. This question will break things up for many people.

It’s a two-part question. First, you must select which manufacturer will have the most cars in the top-10, and then second, guess how many there will be at the end of Stage 2.

The best plan of attack for the fourth question is to look at who are the betting favorites to win. According to the odds, there are five Chevy drivers in the top-10 to win Darlington.

Kyle Larson, Chase Elliott, Ross Chastain, William Byron, and Alex Bowman are driving for Chevrolet. Joey Logano and Ryan Blaney are the only Fords projected to finish in the top-10.

I can see four Chevys in the top-10, with Toyota representing well, too. Toyota has Martin Truex Jr., Denny Hamlin, and Kyle Busch that should have solid races.

Let’s opt for Chevrolet and four drivers driving Chevy Cameros in the top-10 at the end of Stage 2.

Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

5. Which driver will have a better finish at the end of Stage 2 and what place will they finish?

If the fourth question didn’t jumble up the prospect winners for the 2022 Goodyear 400 Super Six picks then this will some more. Simply pick who will lead at the end of Stage 2 between Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott and their position.

I like Kyle Larson to win this race, so naturally, I’m leaning towards him over Chase Elliott. Larson is +500 to win the Goodyear 400, while Elliott is +1000.

As expected, Larson had a fast car in qualifying and looks ready for a big performance on Sunday. Despite not winning at Darlington, he’s one of the most consistent drivers.

Larson is starting on the front-row after qualifying 2nd. He should be dangerous right away on Sunday.

In his previous four outings at Darlington, Larson finished 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd with five straight top-5 performances at the end of Stage 2. I’m going Larson and 1st-2nd following the duration of Stage 2.

Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

6. Which driver will have the better finish at the end of the race and by how many cars?

There shouldn’t be many players left by the time we’re to the final question on the Fox Bet Super Six. Let’s hope that we’re one of the last standing.

Martin Truex vs Joey Logano is an interesting question. This will probably be a 50-50 split among respondents.

Both have had success at Darlington with consistent results. Truex Jr. has finished in the top-10 in four of his last five appearances with a win.

Meanwhile, Logano has finished in the top-10 in three of his last four trips to Darlington in 8th, 13th, 3rd, 6th. Logano grabbed the pole, though Truex Jr. isn’t that far behind in 4th.

Truex Jr. is 7th and Logano 9th in the Cup Series standings. In summary, the sixth Goodyear 400 Darlington Super Six question isn’t my most confident.

They should be close following 400 miles of racing. We have to take a guess at this one, so let’s go with Truex Jr. by three spots over Logano in the Goodyear 400 at Darlington.

Goodyear 400 Super Six Picks

Author: Lucas Carlson