2022 NHL Entry Draft Odds and Predictions

2022 NHL Entry Draft Odds and Predictions

2022 NHL Draft Odds

With the Colorado Avalanche’s Stanley Cup championship only two weeks removed, we usher in the NHL Entry Draft on Thursday night as NHL betting sites are now shifting their attention to which player is picked by whom and at what point in the 2022 NHL Draft.

The NHL Draft odds have three players listed with odds set on the picks, we have two days, Thursday, July 7 and Friday, July 8, with seven rounds and 217 players set for potential fame at the end of the week. Most of the players are in the age range from that span 18-years-old to 20 years old.

To define as a potential draftee, the players need to be 18 years old on or before September 15 and they can’t before older than 20 on or before Dec. 31. It is important to note that players who are not North American, and who are over 20 years old, are eligible for the NHL Draft.

2022 NHL Draft Odds

The following odds are courtesy of BetOnline:


Shawn Wright

Slovakian Juraj Slafkovsky

Logan Cooley

Joakim Kemell

Matthew Savoie

The Montreal Canadiens, who host the draft in their home of Bell Centre in Montreal, currently possess the No. 1 pick as they had an 18.5 percent of the opportunity to have that No.1 pick as the NHL Draft furnishes a drawing for ricks according to where the pick sits in numbers 1-16.

Arizona (13.5%), Seattle (11.5%), Philadelphia (9.5%) and New Jersey (9.4%) rounded out the top five NHL teams with their chances for the number one draft pick in the NHL Draft, according to the NHL Draft odds. However, the Devils moved into the second slot for the first-round pick as the presence of the draft lottery moved them up to second and the Coyotes, Kraken, and Flyers fell one slot.

New Jersey won the drawing at the NHL Draft Lottery which provided them with their fourth win in the lottery in the last 11 years. Let’s take a look at the five probable top NHL picks and then the 2022 NHL Draft odds which give a look at who is likely to be chosen first.

Canadian Center Shawn Wright (-275)

According to NHL betting sites and the game’s scouts, this 18-year-old Burlington, Ontario native is talked about as more than ready to come into the NHL and play at his age right now. Many say he could get drafted aas the overall pick and go into training camp and challenge for a position on an NHL roster next season.

Wright has been described as a player who can come in and think the game at a higher level than anyone his age. He has been described as a player who processes the game at a high level. Wright will come into any situation and wow his coaches and veteran teammates with his ability to digest his position off the puck. He is a very athletic talent and is built like a player who is physically talented with a professional style of a wrist shot. Wright is also acknowledged as a speed skater who is also quick enough to beat talented players who challenge him on defense. Wright also is already daunted with leadership skills on the ice as he has vision and execution that some of the most tremendous players are made from. Wright scored 32 goals as he postured for 94 points and made this a season where he showed coaches and scouts that he could be a dominant performer at both ends of the ice.

He came on the scene with the Kingston Frontenacs and he could become the property of the Montreal Canadiens with that first pick on Thursday evening. On some boards that feature NHL Draft betting odds, Wright is prominent at (-850) while Juraj Slafkovsky finds himself in second with (+450) and then Logan Cooley posts at (+2000).

Slovak Winger Juraj Slafkovsky (+175)

Slafkovsky gained recognition with his performance in the Olympics where he played in seven games and scored seven goals to help push the Bronze Medal into Slovakian hands. He fostered the most points and was named the tournament’s MVP.

He led his team in scoring at the World Championships as he concluded with three goals and six assists and those nine points were scored in eight games. Slafkovsky is underlined as at least the second pick in the NHL Draft with his speed and a myriad of skills that can be transported conventionally to the ice. According to many scouts, he has immense power and already has the physicality at 18 years old to fight through checks or hits that he might take while the puck is in play.

In addition, he is noted to hit the puck well and with an immense amount of skill which can set him up in several areas of the game, which would include taking the puck at the net when defenses think that he is all set to fire a long shot. The tenacity of his skills is why he is generally figured as the second pick on most NHL betting sites.

Pittsburgh, PA, Center Logan Cooley (+2200)

Cooley hails from Pittsburgh but landed in an NCAA hockey hotbed where he stands as of now as he is with the Minnesota Golden Gophers in the Big Ten. Truthfully, with his ability to be the third pick in the NHL Draft, the position with the Gophers is a pipe dream for the University of Minnesota.

At 5-10, 180, and in the center position, Cooley is scouted as a high-scoring machine because of his speed. According to stats and scouts, he scored 75 points in 51 games in the USA Hockey National Team Development program. His 75 points consisted of 27 goals and 48 assists and this has allowed such a prolific appearance as the third pick among NHL draft odds (+2200). Several scouts also alluded to the idea that Cooley was the best player in the USA Hockey National Team Development program and it is also why he is listed with the highest odds (+2200) to be taken third in the draft by the Arizona Coyotes. Scouts allude to his acceleration skills with the puck and then the ability to find and set up his teammates for good shots which make his teammates even better scorers when playing with Cooley at center.

His quickness, hockey IQ, and how he can manage a game with his speed give him the reputation and ability that he will be one of the top centers in the NHL in a short period of time. Cooley’s efficiency and his solid skills under pressure allow him to analyze a play on the ice, whether it is on offense or defense, and then size up that situation and make it a positive for his team.

Finish Forward Joakim Kemell (+4000)

Interestingly, Kemell has such massive odds (+4000) with the highest number of points, assists, goals, and games as JYP (Liiga) was where he has prepped as a 5-11, 176, right-winger. So far this season, he has played in 39 games with 15 goals and eight assists.

Scouts and people associated with international hockey, have cast Kemell as a top 10 pick as he is sitting in the top echelon of the NHL Draft odds although his rating is far back of the top three. Kemell is supposedly set as the fourth pick in the NHL Draft betting odds as he would land in Seattle as the second first-round pick of the Kraken, according to NHL draft odds. Most scouts like Kemell as a shooter and a scorer; however, he has been lauded as a talent that can get the puck up the ice and set up his teammates as well as himself for easier shots and scores.

Also from a scouting standpoint, Kemell has been noted with a fierce ability to hit a one-time shot in transition as well as possess of a powerful wrist shot.

According to some rating:

As the season began, Kemell was slated to go second in the NHL Draft and higher up top in 2022 NHL Draft odds. Some scouts say that he is more of a scorer than a playmaker with the explosive side to his game.

Some scouts allude to how he went 16 games without scoring in the middle of his season which is why he dropped and settled, but he is still acknowledged as the fourth pick in the NHL betting odds.

Alberta, Canada, Center Matthew Savoie (+5000)

Savoie is another player with intense speed and can provide for his teams as a scorer. Scouts love the way he handles the puck and can clear the ice when in transition.

Sometimes, Savoie’s speed can be too fast, according to scouts, and rushes how he assesses a situation on the ice. Sometimes Savoie will rush a situation rather than letting a play open up or letting the ice open up for him. However, Savoie is profiled as the number five pick and potentially headed to the Philadelphia Flyers. However some NHL aficionados say that the Columbus Blue Jackets with the sixth pick could be the drafter of Savoie if Philadelphia would choose Simon Namec, who is tied at (+5000) with Savoie to be the fifth-round pick in the 2002 NHL draft odds.

Savoie, though, is multi-dimension because he will tell scouts, the media, or anyone who will listen that he is comfortable as a center or winger.

Please Note:

Different coaching staffs have put Savoie into either position as to what their teams have needed and the 5-9, 170, right-hander is known to be cognizant and a worker in whatever his coaches request.

Savoie plays hockey with tons of energy as his dynamics can dictate his defensive skills or even make him a key performer on the power-play which will be an ultra-carrier for him in the NHL draft betting odds.

 2022 NHL Draft Prediction for 1st Overall Pick

Shane Wright (-275) will be the number one draft pick of the Montreal Canadians In the NHL Entry Draft.

He is the league’s top choice of 13 different news and information sources of the NHL. The 94 points of last season where he scored 32 goals and followed those with 62 assists solidified his ability to be picked first.

Wright has been a solid player in the Ontario Hockey League where he hit the league with fervor as he was the OHL Rookie of the Year.


Author: Lucas Carlson