Bobby Wagner ‘Not Going To Dwell’ On Seahawks Divorce

Rams ink star linebacker Bobby Wagner to five-year deal

Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner says he has ‘no hatred’ towards the Seahawks in spite of a complicated separation.

Bobby Wagner (31) spent 10 years playing for the Seattle Seahawks. In that time, he was named to eight Pro Bowls and six first-team All-Pro selections.

As well as that, Bobby Wagner has a Super Bowl championship to his name as well as a franchise-record 1,383 tackles.

In free agency, Wagner signed a five-year, $50 millions contract with the Rams. Reportedly, the deal includes a guaranteed $20 million as well as up to $23.5 million in incentives over the first two years.


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“A lot of people think that it went into my decision, being able to play the Seahawks,” Wagner said Monday in his introductory videoconference with the Rams. “I don’t have that much hate in my heart. I think I really wanted to be happy and I wanted to be close to home and stay on the West Coast. That was important to me. But playing the Seahawks twice a year was a cherry on top, and I’ll make sure they see me every time we play them. They’ll know where I’m at and I’ll make sure I tell them. It won’t be a quiet game for me.”


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Wagner found out about Seattle’s decision to trade him via ESPN.

“Personally, I think after 10 years, I think it’s just a simple communication,” Wagner said. “I don’t think it had to be that difficult, I watched their interview. I saw their apology and I’m grateful. But when they said it was because I represented myself, I felt like that part was weak. … Whether I had an agent or whether I didn’t have an agent, I still feel like that was a conversation they could have had. That’s kind of where I stand with it. I’m not going to dwell on it.”

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Author: Lucas Carlson