June 2020 Review +$2,900.00 – Daily25 Betting Blog

June 2020 Review +$2,900.00 - Daily25 Betting Blog

That’s it, it’s all over. On the 1st of July 2010, I placed my first lot of bets and started what would be an amazing 10 years.

On that day, I didn’t just start following tipsters, I made the decision to test as many different money-generating ideas in a 10-year goal to end up with $2 million in investments generating $80,000 a year in dividends.

Day 1 of 3652 of betting

This blog was created at the same time and has followed my journey of testing a heap of different tipster services. Only 1 service lasted the 10 years. You all know which one that was.

Longevity in sports betting is as rare as hens’ teeth, and over the past 10 years, I’ve added and removed 100’s of blogs that gave sports betting a go and failed. I’m pretty proud to be the only profit and loss blog that has lasted this long (and it should give you an indication of how easy it is to make a profit following tipsters).

I celebrated my 10 years with a simple tweet.

10 years ago today I decided to try and make money from Sports betting. I’d say it’s gone pretty well so far.

— Steve (@day25) July 1, 2020

I’ll be writing a very long post about the past 10 years and will go deep into every other money-making activity I tried. But for today let’s look at how the final month went and how I did following tipsters.

June saw the first full month of betting since March. I placed 28 bets, won 15, lost 12, 1 was refunded and 1 was a half payout. I made $2,900.00 profit at 43.87% ROI.

That brought my 10-year journey of following tipsters to an end with a final profit figure of $479,860.00 at 1.39% ROI. If I was betting my usual NRL and AFL stakes we would have crossed the $500k mark.

$47,986.00 per year on average is a great result. While the early years saw me devote a lot of time to researching tipsters, placing bets and learning about sports betting, the last 5 years have seen me spend no more than 100 hours per year. That works out to an amazing hourly work rate.


The NRL restart has been nothing short of amazing for the Sportpunter model. In June, I placed 13 bets and won 10 of them. In total, I turned over $4,350.00 and made a profit of $3,280.00 at an incredible 75.4% ROI.

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The AFL model has not done as well in June. In total, I placed 15 bets and won 5 of them.

I turned over $2,260.00 and lost $380.00 for a -16.8% ROI.

So that’s it. 10 years. Gone in the blink of an eye. Did I reach my goal? you will find out in the next post.

Total Profit for June was $2,900.00

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Stats Year 8/9/10
Total bet amount: $4,461,960.00
Profit/Loss: $151,280.00
POT: 3.39%
Bets Placed: 3128
Won: 1617
Lost: 1478
Half Payout: 5
Refunded: 28
Winning %: 52.2%
Total profit per day: $479,860.00 / 3652 = $131.39
Total Turnover: $34,710,180.00
Total ROI: 1.38%

Sport/TipsterWageredProfit/LossROIJune P/L

AFL H2H$449,380.00-$1,990.00-0.40%-$380.00

AFL Line$452,680.00-$22,670.00-5.0%$0.00

NRL H2H$731,270.00-$11,120.00-1.50%$3,280.00

NRL Totals$79,240.00$1,780.002.2%$0.00

NBA Totals$1,683,280.00$132,410.007.9%$0.00

NBA H2H$208,240.00-$13,830.00-6.6%$0.00

MLB Totals$9,250.00-$1,870.00-20.2%$0.00

NFL Totals$587,090.00$50,480.008.6%$0.00

NFL Line$245,250.00$17,500.007.1%$0.00



Author: Lucas Carlson