Kyrie Irving Home Return Not Likely Anytime Soon

Kyrie Irving Drops 50 Points In Must-Win Game For Nets

Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving faces a longer wait before he can resume playing home games at Barclays Center. 

This is because New York Mayor Eric Adams says he won’t roll back the private employer mandate until the science tells him he can.

Kyrie Irving, a vocal anti-vaxxer, was initially left out of this season’s Brooklyn Nets roster entirely.

He was brought back, but due to the mandate disqualifying the unvaccinated from entering a workplace, Kyrie Irving can only play in road games.


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“Right now, we’re going to take some complaints,” Adams said on Tuesday.

“But when this is all said and done, people are going to realize this is a thoughtful administration and we got it right. So baseball, basketball, businesses, all of those things, they have to wait until that layer comes.

“We’re going to do it in the right way,” Adams said. “We’re going to follow the science … we’re going to make the right decision. And in New York, no matter what you do, this is 8.8 million people and 30 million opinions, so you’re never going to satisfy New Yorkers, so you must go with the logic, your heart and the science.”


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“We’re going to slowly peel back, as I stated over and over again, we’re going to do it layer by layer and each layer we peel back we’re going to do an analysis: ‘Are we OK?’” Adams said.

“And if we have to pivot and shift and come back here in a week and say we’re going to do something different, we’re going to do that. I’m not going to hesitate to say this is where the numbers are taking us, this is where the science is and this is what we’re going to do. Because I’m not going to only view this from where we are in the crisis, I see myself out of crisis.”

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Author: Lucas Carlson