Rules for Craps That Beginners Need to Know

Rules for Craps That Beginners Need to Know

Craps What To Know

Understanding the rules of craps will help you play and win at online casinos. At first craps can be daunting, but after the fundamental craps rules become clear you can win at online gambling as well as anyone else.

How Do You Win at Online Craps?

In Online Craps, you’re betting on the numbers that will come up on a set of two dice.

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The dice are rolled, and you’ll either lose your wager, win a specific amount depending on the risk of your bet, or nothing happens and the dice are rolled again. Each outcome depends on your bet and the numbers that are rolled.

Can You Predict the Numbers on the Dice?

Unlike card games with illegal counting methods, there is no way to predict the numbers on the dice. Theoretically, all number combinations should come up if the dice are rolled 36 times.

However, this isn’t always the case, and attempting to predict the dice based on prior rolls is a faulty strategy. There is no way to determine the next number that will come up.

It’s not in the craps rules that you can’t watch and take note of the numbers that come up, but it doesn’t matter for predicting rolls.

The Opening Bets of Craps, the Shooter, and Crapping Out

When the game starts, you’ll have an opportunity to place bets before the come out, or first roll. You can place any bet, though most people will be betting the pass bet or don’t pass bet at this time, and those bets will be resolved after the roll.

The Pass bet bet wins on either a 7 or an 11
The Don’t Pass bet wins on a 2,3 or 12

Triggering the don’t pass bet on the Come out (opening roll) is also known as crapping out. Crapping out can also mean rolling a seven on any roll other than the come out, a place bet losing condition.

You can play craps understanding those basic bets.

Pass and Don’t Pass Payouts

After the Come out, pass bets pay if the come out number is re rolled.


The Come out is a 6. After several rolls without crapping out, the shooter rolls another 6. The Pass Line now pays out. Don’t Pass bets payout when the shooter craps out. After they come out, the shooter only craps out on one number- 7.

In the above example, if a shooter rolls a 7 before another six is rolled, the Don’t Pass Line bets pay out.

Online vs Physical Casino Craps

In physical craps the dice are passed to the next player. Someone else becomes the shooter. In online craps it’s often a virtual or video betting table with a random roll. Either way, the bets on the table either payout or lose, and a new game begins.

When Can I Place My Bets in Craps?

You can place bets in between each roll in craps. You’re betting on the outcome of the rolls.

Single roll bets:

Or rather proposition bets,  include the yo, a 16:1 bet that the next roll will be an 11. These are also called Hop and Hardway bets. To understand the rules for craps, you only need to know that you’ll only be betting on the next roll.

For now, don’t think about prop bet strategies for craps.

Rules for Craps Field Bets

Field Bets are bets that some of the less common numbers will come up before the come out is rolled again or players crap out. Craps field bets payout on 2,3,4,9,10,11, and 12. If the point (the number rolled on the shootout) is rolled again, or the shooter craps out, the field bet loses.

Odds Bets and Place Bets

The Odds and Place bet can only be placed after the come out roll.

Once the point is determined the odds bet allows you to place an additional wager on your place bet. These bets are generally made in a multiple of the pass line bet.

We’ve covered how this can be a useful basic craps strategy.

Place Bets are on a specific number, 4,5,6,8,9, 10.

These bets payout if rolled before the shooter craps out by rolling a seven. The place bets payout at various odds, with a greater return the rarer the number.

Can I Take Back a Bet I’ve Placed?

If you’ve placed a pass line bet, a don’t pass, or an odds bet, you’ll have to leave the bet out until the point comes up again or the shooter craps out.

Please Note:

If you’ve made a proposition bet, you’ll have no opportunity to take the bet back because it lasts only one roll.

All other bets placed in craps can be returned if a shooter doesn’t crap out, rolls a point on the come out, or rolls a number that causes them to be able to roll again.

Where Can I Learn More About Craps?

If you’re already starting to play online casino craps, you might be more interested in our Craps Beginner Tips.


Author: Lucas Carlson