The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling vs. Gambling In Person

The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling vs. Gambling In Person

The Pros and Cons of Online Gambling vs. Gambling In Person

There is a good problem to have if you are a gambler in the United States. The proliferation of land-based casinos across the country and online gambling is making it more convenient for gambling in person and gambling online.

Whether you prefer gambling in person or gambling online, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find a gambling outlet. There aren’t too many states that don’t have at least one casino for gambling in person.

The only states without legal casinos are Utah and Hawaii. Utah isn’t far from Nevada, while Las Vegas is a popular destination for Hawaiians, so the casinos in the desert are not complaining.

Even though most people reading this have a casino within driving distance, is it always the best idea to bypass gambling online for a land-based casino?

There are pros and cons for online gambling and in person gambling, so you will have to decide which is best. If you want to gamble with friends or make it a social activity, you probably want to go to a casino and not sit at home.

Having said that, online gambling can be made into a social activity with the advent of live tables. The live dealers at online casinos are a game-changer to the experience.

TheSportsGeek is going to break down the pros and cons of gambling in person at a casino and gambling online. So, when you ask yourself whether I should go to the casino or not? We hope to clear a few things up, so it’s easier for you to decide.

How To: Gambling In Person and Gambling Online

Are you new to gambling? This brief and information section will help you get started gambling in person and how to gamble online. For more information regarding online gambling, hit the link and check it out for yourself.

How To Gamble At A Casino In Person

1. Pick Your Casino

This might include doing some casino shopping online. If you live in a state with multiple casinos, it might be worth doing your homework. Reading online reviews isn’t everything, but they can provide multiple opinions from gamblers that have been there already.

If you want more of a high-end experience, such as the Wynn in Las Vegas, for instance, you might have to sacrifice proper gambling rules and comps. The limits are going to be higher at a casino like Wynn, too.

You don’t necessarily have to be a high-roller to get room comps at a high-end establishment, but it’s much easier to earn comps at the more budget casinos. They will also have better gambling rules (ie. 3:2 blackjack) and lower limits.

2. Withdrawal Money For Your Bankroll

Setting a budget for your trip to the casino is incredibly important. This might be the most important advice on how to gamble at a casino in person. The money you withdraw at the bank is your allowance for your gambling session.

ATM fees are not cheap at casinos. It’s important to have cash in hand before going to the casino.

Do not reload your bankroll at the ATM if you lose the money you went to the casino with. The money you entered the casino with is yours to lose, but going above your budget can quickly get out of hand and not be a fun experience.

3. Select The Right Casino Games To Maximize Your Odds

One of the most befuddling things at the casino is watching people play triple-zero roulette when there is a double-zero table nearby with no one playing. The same goes for 3:2 vs. 6:5 blackjack.

Avoid Triple-Zero and 6:5 Blackjack

Casino bosses love gamblers that gamble on games with bad odds. Triple-zero roulette and 6:5 blackjack are a terrible bet versus their better odds counterparts. Triple-zero roulette is more of a Las Vegas thing, but it will likely be in your local casino in the future if it isn’t yet.

If you are a video poker player, be sure to look at the paytables. Unlike slot machines, video poker gives away how good the machine is on the paytable.

Slot machines and keno are among the worst bets in the casino, though are the most generous with comps. Do not chase comps.

If you are looking for a fun time and don’t care about math and odds, slots might be your favorite bet in the casino. Please understand that the odds are severely stacked in favor of the house on slots.

How To Gamble At An Online Casino

1. Read Online Casino Reviews

It’s important to read trustworthy online casino reviews online. Most people don’t like to go to a new restaurant before reading reviews, and you should make a habit of it before depositing an online casino.

TheSportsGeek has put together a helpful guide for choosing an online casino. There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet, and it can be overwhelming. We hope to simplify the process. For quick reference, below are our favorite online casinos in 2022.

Our Favorite Online Casinos

2. Find The Best Online Casino Bonuses

The online casinos want your business and entice gamblers with free bet bonuses.

The online casinos we highlight on TheSportsGeek are legitimate bonuses. You may run into a casino scam if you’re not careful.

Not All Bonsues Are Made Equal

Some bonuses are better than others. They may offer more free bonus cash or have better terms and conditions. Ensure that you are aware of the details, including your bonus and deposit terms.

After you’ve done your research, you can deposit and get started with online gambling at your online casino. It’s then time to find your favorite online casino games.

3. Gamble On The Best Odds And Have Fun

If you’re betting at an online casino, I suggest playing the games with the best odds online. This includes blackjack and baccarat, which both have live dealers.

The live dealers aren’t for everyone, but they can make the experience more enjoyable. It almost feels like you’re gambling in person at a land-based casino.

Not everyone cares about the best odds when they’re doing casino gambling. Most importantly, play the most fun game in your eyes. Just remember to go in with a set budget.

Pros and Cons Of Gambling In Person

Pros Of Gambling In Person

The Atmosphere and Social Gaming

Some people need to be part of a crowd or with friends when gambling. A lot of people just like going to the tables, meeting new people, and having a good time.

You will not get this experience at an online casino. Talking to the live dealers online is fun, but you can’t meet new friends at the table online.

When a craps table is on a long roll, it can be the most fun you can have gambling. Most of the time, everyone is having a good time and winning money together.

There is also something that should be said about the atmosphere at a land-based casino. This will vary depending on where you are gambling, but it can often be a good time.

Most casinos have some form of free entertainment as well. Nightly acts, including live music, might be part of the schedule.

No Online Transactions

Cash is king in the casino. You don’t have to be concerned with depositing at an online casino. Not everyone feels comfortable sending their money to a casino online.

Cash Is King

If you want peace of mind and play with cash, you can do that at a local casino or in Las Vegas. Gambling online requires depositing, storing the money in an account, and then waiting for a withdrawal.

Conversely, suppose you’re betting at a land-based casino. In that case, you will have your money right away without any stress regarding the deposit and withdrawal process, which brings me to my next point regarding verification.

Land-Based Casinos Don’t Ask To Verify Your Identity

This is a tedious and usually unwanted process that everyone must go through if they want to gamble online. The Know Your Customer procedures to verify your identity and perhaps the source of funds can be inconvenient.

At a minimum, you must provide government-issued identification and a document to verify your plcae of residence. Sometimes this can take minutes to complete, but other times it can drag on for days and even weeks if the online casino wants to investigate further.

While you may have to provide ID to prove your age, that’s usually as far as it goes at a casino. However, there may be an exception if you are a high-roller and they aren’t familiar with your gambling habits.

There is a chance that the casino may request proof of your income for money laundering protection. This isn’t a problem the majority of us will have, but before somebody comes at me, it’s worth noting.

Cons Of Gambling In Person

Expenses Can Add Up

There are “hidden” expenses associated with going to your casino of choice. There will be other expenses besides your gambling budget, and they can add up in a hurry if you aren’t watchful.

As soon as you turn on your vehicle, you will be spending money on gas. If you take public transportation, then this isn’t free either.

You might want a bite to eat or have drinks when you get to the casino. Eating at casinos isn’t the cheapest, and these expenses can eat into your bankroll.

I could spend more time going over expenses you will incur by gambling in person. However, write down your personal expenses and do the math if you are curious.

You might be surprised by how expensive a trip to the casino can be, and you haven’t even started gambling. And if you win, there might be some temptation to blow it on an expensive dinner or drink it away.

Higher Limits

The limits at your casino will depend on high-end you want to get, but generally speaking, limits continue to rise at land-based casinos.

Expenses for casinos are going up, and remember that they had to shut down for Covid-19. No, most casinos aren’t hurting, but they do want to make that business back they lost.

What was normally a 5-dollar blackjack table might be a 10-dollar table now. Perhaps the low-budget casinos have 5-dollar craps, but even that’s becoming a dying breed at lower-tier properties.


This has been more of a talking point over the past two years and not just at casinos. Even before Covid-19, though, casinos weren’t the cleanest places in the world.

The filtration systems do wonders in a casino. There are state-of-the-art systems that do a terrific job cleaning the air. This is true at most modern casinos.

Casino staff does their best to clean around the facility as well, but those slot machine buttons, cards, and chips can’t be sanitized constantly.

I’m not trying to gross anyone out, though the number of people I see in a casino bathroom that don’t wash their hands and then go back to gambling is enough to make anyone queasy.

Pros And Cons Of Gambling Online

Pros Of Gambling Online

Online Bonuses

A land-based casino will rarely provide up-front comps before gambling. They will track your play and offer comps based on your gambling activity.

If your play is strong enough, then the comped room, food, and free play will come your way. At an online casino, you will receive free play in the form of a free bet bonus in your account right away.

It’s also a fantastic way to get your feet wet and discover if online casinos are right for you. Online casino bonuses don’t require much for a deposit to get your free bonus, so there isn’t much risk involved.

Gamble In Peace Without Distractions

Gambling at a casino can be too much for some people. The music, sounds of slot machines (Bufffallo), gamblers shouting in glee and frustration, employees interrupting your gambling session, etc. can become a nuisance if you want to be left alone to gamble.

When you’re at home on your computer or phone there will be fewer distractions. At first, the sounds of a casino might be seen as a positive. However, if you want to get in a serious gambling session, this can get annoying quickly.

Variety of Games and Lower Limits

The wide array of gambling games that you can find at an online casino is endless. It far surpasses anything you’re going to find at an online casino.

Games You Can Only Find Online

There are even specialty games, such as Monopoly Live, that you will not find at your local casino. No matter your mood, there will be a game to play online.

Also, keep in mind that you can find these games most likely at a limit you can afford. Unlike land-based casinos, there will be table games for under 10 dollars. If you want a bit of a social element, check out the live dealers.

Cons Of Gambling Online

Gambling Online Can Get Addicting

Addiction is the giant elephant in the room that no one wants to discuss regarding online casinos. There is a higher probability of getting addicted to gambling while doing it online.

The convenience of online gambling can be seen as a positive, but it also is a nightmare and the biggest negative for people with addictive personalities.

The fact that everything is digits on your computer screen can detach the gambler from their money. The money in your account may not feel “real”.

When you have the cash in from of you at a casino, you might have second thoughts before continuing on beyond your budget. The simplification and ease of online gambling can make it tough for some people.

Don’t Expect Your Withdrawal Right Away

When you request a withdrawal at your online casino, there is a process involved. It doesn’t suddenly appear in your bank account.

Even if you are making a cryptocurrency withdrawal and want to convert it into cash, this will require waiting before it lands in your bank account. If you need the money now, that could be frustrating.

Not So Fast, Chief.

If you haven’t verified your identity, it is something that you will have to do before having a withdrawal processed. This could happen on the same day, but as we noted, it can also drag on.

You will go to the casino cage or insert your gaming slip into a money counter at the casino. This will instantly be converted into cash for you to take home.

Technical Problems And Glitches

Problems with your internet, electricity, or device may be unavoidable. You will eventually run into something when you’re in the middle of a hand or action.

Do you know how frustrating it is when you’re in the middle of doing something and your computer locks up? How about that happening when you’re about to win a hand and you get timed out from the table because of no activity.

Keep in mind that the online casino can also have glitches. If there is a glitch on their side, then tough luck; they have the right to take away your winnings if you won a hand or slot pull.

While errors made by a dealer can be quickly rectified at a land-based casino, it’s going to be a lot tougher arguing with an online casino. This isn’t common, but something to keep in mind.

Author: Lucas Carlson